Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 25, 2014

Elder Johnson teaching a Knight!

Hey Kimbo!!!
How is everything going?? Man sounds like all sorts of stuff is going on at home! So who is Ty living with now? Where is he living? Send me some pics of this chick he is dating so that I can see whether I approve of her or not! haha And jeez if she is willing to get him some arrows, tell her to get him some XT Hunters 400 spine arrows:) Jeez it is so weird hearing about people getting married that are my age.. Lexi, Mac and I am sure there will be many more soon! That is too bad that Elder Perkins got written off, I am sure that was pretty tough on him. I have only seen him one time since we got here in March. He is a great kid and I really like him, but I haven't been around him like at all since we have been in the field. Wow I cant believe you and Daddy have been married for 24 years!! Happy anniversary!!! What are you guys going to do for your trip in November? I hope he is taking you to do something to spoil you soon!! Man Ty is getting freaking old too! 22 that seems so old to me for some reason. I will have to ask him about this muchacha he is dating and try to see if he will spill the beans and tell me if he really likes her or not. Is she a cute girl? Or does mommy just like her because she is bubbly?;) So was the Yard sale for Jarrett and Jenna to raise money for them and the medical bills they have now? I’m so glad she pulled through. It would kill me to hear something so sad like that happen to such a great kid. Selective obedience sounds like it is a great topic for a lesson and I am sure there is a lot to learn from that in your lesson yesterday. Obedience is definitely one of the biggest things we learn here on the mission. Pres Maluenda is huge on obedience and this is such an obedient mission down here. Pres Maluenda just so you know will probably be an apostle some day. That guy is soo inspired and I swear when you have interviews with that guy Jesus is standing behind you holding flip cards for him because he will ask you a question about the one thing you need or the one thing you are a little disobedient about or something and it is just mind blowing every time. Anyways, we had two families of 4 at church yesterday!! The one family is the family that we are going to baptize this next Sunday, the other family we met on Saturday when we were just walking down the road and he went to get in is car and I just yelled "Hola Buenas Tardes" and then it led into a lesson later that night and said he had some Mormon friends in Utah but hadn't ever been invited to church before so he came and brought his family too, he has two girls one 14 and one 16 and his wife. We had fasted Saturday because we hadn't had much success all week and then we found them and another lady that is going to be baptized in two weeks and one other guy that we have started teaching now! I have gained such a strong testimony about fasting lately and the power behind it. I am yet to have fasted during the mission and not see a miracle happen during my fast. Things down here are going good though, it has been hard dealing with my comp a little bit but I have just been trying to be an example for him and he has been changing a being better lately. He is listening to music on Youtube right now which is a no no... so we might have to talk about that but he is getting better slowly and he told me the other day that he will try changing for me because I haven't been on his back but just been being an example for him. Next week is transfers because Pres Maluenda has a meeting the next week so this transfer is a 5 week transfer and the next transfer will be a 7 week transfer to get us back on track. I hope you have a great week kimbo, I love you so much and I will try getting a letter sent out to you today. Sorry I have been really bad with sending letters lately!

Love, Elder Johnson

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