Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18, 2014

Hey Kimbo how is everything going? Sounds like that fireside was pretty good, I am glad Brockles went to that with you! We ask those questions almost every time we knock on a door or talk with someone. We do it to kinda see what their background is like to find a need and to teach to the need. Jeez that thing about Jenna is crazy.. That is so sad, my heart dropped when I was reading it because I thought she actually had passed away till I got to the end. I hope everything is going okay with her now, I will definitely keep them in my prayers. Will she always have to keep that pace maker thing in her? Like will this thing be a lifelong thing? I am glad Brocks party went well, I am sure he was happy that everything went well and he had lots of kids over. What all did they do? Just a BBQ and then a movie on the projector? I got some pics of the bow hunt, looks like it was a success! Ha-ha Who is Colt going to stay with down at Dixie? Do you know what his plans are at all? He emailed me for a little bit but I haven’t heard from him for like the past month. I can’t believe school is starting already!! Time is going by so fast!! I can’t believe I have already been gone 6 months! We are still working with the Conde family, the fam of 6 and things are going well for them, the husband isn’t as interested as the wife and is quite as solid, but we were teaching them about the plan of salvation the other day and the wife started asking us about temples and about be sealed to your family. So we explained to her how all that works and when you can go to the temple, then she asked the question what if just the wife wants to be sealed in the temple with her family, can she do that? And we were just like freak.. She is thinking about what would happen if her husband doesn’t want that. We explained that and how the husband and she would be sealed together in the temple with her children. So then she was like okay well I need to have a sit down with my husband then! haha She is such a cool lady and wants to go to the temple pretty badly!! So hopefully the dad of the fam will soften his heart and we can help him understand the importance of the things we teach them. I also confirmed Kimberly, the daughter of this family, yesterday which is something I haven’t done in Spanish yet and it went great. Things are going pretty good here, this area is super hard to find people willing to listen to us and I have had a couple doors actually slammed in my face. Just last night was one of the hardest slams I have had so far! haha she chucked the door from a ways back and all I had said was "Buenas tardes" then she said don’t say anythings and boom!! haha its all good though. I burnt a tie earlier this week, it is what you do at your 6 month mark here, then at your year mark you burn a shirt then your sister mark you burn a pair of pants and at your 2 year mark a suit!! It is a pretty fun tradition they do down here. Other than that not a whole lot has been going on this week. We aren’t having too much success right now but we do have a boss family are teaching right now. Well I hope you have a great week Kimbo, I love you so much!!  Sorry I don’t have much to write today but I will send some pics!
Love, tu misionero mas guapo

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