Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June 30, 2014

Hey Kimbo, How are you doing? How was camping? Things here are going pretty good, Elder Roylance is definitely a stickler about every single thing and we haven’t seen eye to eye with everything but we have worked pretty well together. My Spanish has gotten a lot better because he has sent me on a few exchanges already and both times last week I went on exchanges with greenies so I have had to talk a lot because the two greenies I went with I think have alzheimer’s  or something and don’t even know how to say “si” yet. But The boy we baptized comes from a part member family that me and Elder Shumway started working with right when I got here. Because the dad of the family works every Sunday cleaning a 7th day Adventist church and wanted his boy to always come with him. The mom is baptized but the dad wouldn't let the boy be baptized because he says he gets his work done quicker if his boy is with him on Sundays. Finally he let us baptize him. We are working with a guy right now that use to be a pastor for a for the Church of Christ which is a church that comes from our church and is super similar so he is having a hard time understanding the difference, when really it is just that one has the authority of God and one doesn't. He has read about half the Book of Mormon in a week already too and likes it but isn't sure about it yet because he is super into the bible. I have learned so much about the scriptures in my mission already and wow the church is so true. Other religions are absolutely ridiculous that is for sure. I have come to love my studies so much in the mornings, because I love learning so much about the things with the scriptures and just about the church. There is a book I am going to have to have you send me in the future that my comp has right now that is super interesting, it is like a biography of Joseph Smith. I just love learning about everything that has to deal with the Church. 
SO who is dad going to be up there camping with? Sadie and G ma? Grandma wrote me a letter talking about how much she loved camping with you guys. She told me ALL about it and about how much fun she had with riding the rhino and catching fish. Sounds like you guys had a fun trip. That is too bad about Jen’s finger, she has done some damage to those fingers of hers. haha I remember Elmos nic nic, I loved that game when I was younger!! I think I loved it when I was older too tho! Sounds like Ty has a super fun group he is moving out with this fall, what has he been up to lately? Here is a story about prayer that happened recently, me and Elder Shumway were fasting and praying for a miracle to happen because we wanted to baptize super bad together, and we were one short of our district goal for baptisms and there was only one week left in the month and we fasted on a Saturday morning and prayed to have a miracle happen so that we could have a baptism somehow by the end of the month. That night we ran into a guy at the gas station that is a lawyer and studied religion in college. He said to us are you the Mormons? We told him yes and he said jeez I have been hoping to run into you guys soon, I studied religion in college and I know that the Mormon church is the only true church on this earth and I want to become a member of your church. He lived in the other guys area that we live with and are in our district but he already knew basically everything about our church and so we didn't have to teach him much, be me and Elder Shumway met with him every day that week and then the other Elders got to baptize him that same week which was the last day of the month. It was a super cool experience, even though we didn't get to baptize him, he was so prepared and now he is already excited to go to the temple and find out what his calling will be. Anyways that is just a cool little story that happened not to long ago. I hope you have a great week mommy! I love you so much!
Love, Elder Johnson  

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