Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 14, 2014

Jeez that is too bad about June and about Brother Lewis.. That is sad to hear. I hope their families are doing alright. I haven’t gotten to talk to Shumway much. He just called me once to talk to me is all (even though we aren’t supposed to call out of out zone) haha I have shared your story about your conversion story and with grandmas conversion already a few times. I am so grateful for the impact it has had in my life!!  Something crazy happened this week.. We were supposed to have a baptism yesterday and we told the bishop about it and he started calling us freaking out about it, so we had to go to his house Saturday night to talk him about it and he went absolutely insane!! He was nose to nose with my comp and another elder I live with just screaming as loud as he could, because he thinks he needs to have interviews before baptisms, when he has no keys to do that. We have the right to do the interview and they don’t have to be interviewed by anyone else. He has already stopped a few baptisms because he grabs them during church and tells them to come into his office the tells them they aren’t ready to be baptized. SO it just stops everything with the baptism, so we told him we are going to have a baptism tomorrow and he freaked because he said they guy getting baptized isn’t ready, then just went off about how the missionaries just want baptize everyone and that none of the members like us, when really this ward absolutely runs on the missionaries. They always call us to come over and always want us to come over a couple times a week, and many of them feed us every single week. They members LOVE the missionaries here and half of the active members would not go to church without the missionaries. And bishop screamed at us for a good hour then his 25 yr old son that is the elders quorum pres had to step in and push him back and to stop. He then called the stake pres when we were walking out the door to set up a meeting with him first thing in the morning and he said he will have new homes for us soon and it was just crazy. His wife loves us and feeds us every Monday night and she was about in tears because of what her husband was doing and she couldn’t stop him, and it was just a crazy event. Either the bishop will be released soon most likely or Pres Maluenda is going to take the missionaries out of the area for a while to show him how big of an impact they make to his ward. So we will see what happens, so I will probably be moved this next transfer most likely! Other than that the work is great and we should be having another baptism soon that is a J dub. She is an awesome investigator! We have a couple other really solid investigators too so the work is great, but we will see if we get shipped out of here soon or not, I hope we stay at least for a few more weeks at least so we can baptize these people. We are going to play soccer with the ward today, and then basketball later with the zone most likely. Also we saw a car wreck with the border patrol was chasing them and they ran a red light and hit a car, and the car that was getting chased rolled a bunch of times and slammed into a palm tree in front of Burger King. They were running because they had 200 lbs of marijuana in the car and they had just crossed the border! The people running though were all killed in the wreck, seeing some pretty crazy things down here!
We cant drink the water at our apt, we cant drink any tap water anywhere near hear, just bottles and the big jugs we fill up each week. Usually it is the water in the valley, which is the places down here by the border that you cant drink the water, which is where I will spend a lot of my mission most likely, if you go up north to Corpus then you can drink the water but we cant drink it at all down here. Anyways everything is going well, how is everything at home? What have you been up to lately Kimbo? Well have a great week, Te Amo mucho!
Love, Elder Johnson

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