Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 28, 2014

Hey Kimbo, How is everything going at home? How is my mommy doing? Sounds like you guys had a fun, busy week. I always loved the time around the 24th of July. Yeah I haven’t heard back from Josey yet so hopefully she writes me soon, Kenzie writes me something short almost every week so she hasn’t been too bad at writing me. But jeezo this week I guess nobody likes me;) I just got letters from you, Gma, Brooke, Chase and that’s about it! But that’s alright, as long as I get a letter from my mommy! That is crazy about the fireworks at Olson’s!! Something always crazy has to happen when we are doing something with them! Haha! Who has Ty been hanging out with lately? So what is the deck going to look like? You will have to send me some pics when it gets built. Well yesterday when we met with bishop like we always do every Sunday before church, (this being the first time we have really talked to him since he screamed at us) he sat us down and basically lectured us for an entire hour about missionary work and about how missionary work should be done in his eyes. He wrote out a 4 page paper that he was sending to the first presidency in Salt Lake that talked about how he has a request about how missionary work needs to change in the area of La Joya, and that missionaries should no longer look for people to teach or bring new people to church, but to do 100% Home teaching? Yeah... He is crazy... I am here to baptize! haha But Saturday we had a wedding and married a couple then yesterday we were going to baptize them but then bishop STOPPED the baptism! I don’t know if I have been so mad before here on the mission. He grabbed them after church when we were talking to other members and pulled them into his office and basically told them they can’t be baptized this week when they are so freakin ready to be dunked! So now they are getting baptized next Sunday which really sucks... Porque ya me voy! I am leaving this area! I am glad I am leaving though because everything with bishop has been super difficult. I am upset I won’t be the one to baptize the couple because they really wanted me to be the one to baptize them, but I am glad that I am leaving this area. I love the members here but I am ready to head somewhere new. I will find out later today where I am going, but as of right now all I know is that I am leaving the area. I will let you know next week what my address is and where I am. But I have been packing my bags all morning and I leave first thing tomorrow morning! I am hoping I stay down here on the border somewhere pero quien sabe! I hope you have a great week Mommy, I hope everything is going great at home and that they finish the deck soon! Te amo mucho!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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