Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

I think I might be the tallest missionary in my district!
Hey Kimbo,
How is everything going? How was the 4th? Here for the 4th we had to be back in the apartment by 6 because holidays down here are insane and everyone is drunk! Well almost everyone is drunk most nights here but on holidays they get pretty crazy here in this area that’s for sure! So we just went and hung out in the apartment and didn’t do a whole lot. I should get that package today from Brooke, that’s super nice of her to send me something! Yes, I got the backpack thanks so much for sending me that, it is exactly what I needed. I can’t believe Mason and Morgan are going to be able to drive.. They still seem like little babies to me!  Well two days ago I was on an exchange so I was working with another elder that isn’t my comp, and we had a lesson at the church and after we were putting the bikes on the rack on the back of the car, then we went to get in the car and the elder I was working with locked the keys in the car!! The mission office that has the extra key is like an hour away so we called them and they showed up like two hours later, so for the two hours we were walking to an appointment that was a few miles away and when we were about half way there we got the call that they were almost to our car so we just had to turn around and walk back to the car.. Then that night we were pretty close to the border after an appointment and there were border patrol trucks up and down this road, then all of the sudden a little Mexican lady runs out right in front of us!! Then the border patrol came out and grabbed a hold of her as she was running and the border patrol helicopter was right about us! So if you see a little silver car on that Border Wars show soon that was us!:) ha-ha other than that nothing is to new, we have found like 4 new families to teach which is great, I just hope they have the desires to come to church because we can’t get anyone to come to church anymore, because La Joya (where the chapel is) just got a grant from the county and they sent tons of more cops here.  I guess and everyone knows that so nobody will go anywhere near the city because none of them have papers. We have been running into tons of people that have just barely crossed the border too, because I guess it has been on the news and everything but the crossing in our area right now is super bad right now and is one of the highest crossing points on the border. So it has been an exciting week! Me and Elder Roylance don’t see eye to eye on everything but we have been working well together. I’m not sure what we are going to do today, usually there is a zone activity that we go to like basketball and football sometimes. Maybe we will go get ties or something because I don’t have enough of those yet :) I am glad your lesson went well, if you ever need any ideas let me know! Did you get my letter this week by the way? I sent it out last week so I hope you got it. But I hope you have a great week Kimbo, I love you so much and I truly do have the most amazing mom in the world! I am one lucky boy! Have a great week Mommy.

Love Elder Johnson

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