Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 6, 2015

 Elder Eisenhut and me

 The Cavazos family at General Conference
 Wiffle ball with the Cavazon children

 Oops, I threw the keys in the dumpster.  I found them though!!

Hola Kimbo, how is Vegas so far? What are your guys' plans to do there? Sounds like you guys are having a good time so far. How long are you guys going to stay there? I gave the wiffle ball bat to their family and they were really excited, they love baseball and they have had a lot of fun with that, so thanks for sending me that! They loved the hats too, Maria said that that is something that they have always wanted to get their kids but just can’t ever get the money to buy them for their kids, so they were super happy when we gave the hats to them. This last weekend we watched conference at the church with a bunch of the members and it was great, I really love conference here on the mission. I am not sure why I feel like it is so much better on the mission but I really enjoy watching it and learning from it here. On Saturday we watched the first session then went and got ice cream between sessions and then went and got dinner with some of the other elders after the second session then went back to the priesthood session. On Sunday between sessions a member made all the missionaries a big lunch and we all ate there together so that was good too:) We got transfers this morning and found out the Elder Eisenhut and I will be staying together for our 4th transfer together here in McAllen. I am glad I like him because 4 transfers would be hard with someone I don’t like! I really do like change though, I like mixing things up on the mission and not a whole lot changed here, I have one new sister in my district and that is the only thing that changed. Hopefully she doesn’t bring in any problems because things are going pretty good with the sisters as of right now. Let’s just pray it stays like that!! This last Friday a lady in the ward invited us over to show us how to cook a bunch of Mexican food and make some good salsa to put on flautas so I will be able to cook up a mean Mexican dinner when I get home;) Also this last week, we went up to a college campus and walked around and talked to a bunch of peeps because two of the sisters in my district work with the ward of the young single adults, so a lot of their work is done there on the campus. It was really weird to walk around and talk to a bunch of kids our age, and be around people that are in college. We found some cool people though that the sisters will be working with now because they were struggling a little bit. Other than that, this week has seemed like it has just flown by... I can’t believe it is already April and almost my birfday again! I aint gonna be a teenager anymore! haha But I hope you guys have a lot of fun in Vegas, keep sending me lots of pictures, I love seeing what is going on!! Be safe! I love you!

Love, Tu hijo mas fuerte y mas guapo (Your stronger and more handsome son)

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