Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hi Mommy, how are you doing?? I didn’t end up eating hardly any of that cake that we were given, because we still get fed a few times each night so when we get home I am not hungry at all!! We ended up giving a lot of it to other missionaries and throwing a lot of it away. So the armadillo that we ate... it actually didn’t taste too bad, but that is because it was full of chile, like peppers chile, so we couldn’t really taste the meat all that well, but it didn’t taste awful! I just had to ask after because I hadn’t ever tasted anything like that before so I knew it was something different and sure enough it was road kill possum!! haha I told Elder Eisenhut the story of Bernice after we ate that and he though that was pretty funny! I can’t believe Mothers Day is already coming up again! I will only talk with you one more time after that before I come home, and that is really close to when I will be heading back!! Yeah I will get to skype, I didn’t even realize how soon it was, so we have no idea where we will be doing it at! Sounds like Ty has a heck of a drive ahead of him, what is he going to do in the car for that long? How much money does he plan on making over the summer? That is cool that he has those other guys under him so that he will make money based off of their sales, how did he get into all of that? I can’t believe those two are engaged (Brady & Paisley)!! It is so weird to hear that people my age are getting married and engaged and what not! I cant imagine Granny on that phone.. sounds like a disaster!! hahahah oh Mom, I can’t stop laughing about Dad finding his present!! I don’t think he will ever get a present that he doesn’t find early!! I was just thinking about everything else that he has found in the past! Haha that gave me a good laugh. Well anyways, This week was super good, yesterday we had a baptism of a kid that we have been working with for a long time, his mom really wants to get baptized also but cant because she lives with a guy that she isn’t married to, and he doesn’t want to get married so she won’t be able to get baptized till they get married or she stops living with him. They are a super cool family and it was great getting to baptize him. Also on Saturday we had a baptism of a sweet little girl, her family just recently moved here from Mexico and we found them and got them going back to church finally and she got baptized on Saturday morning. I was on an exchange this last Thursday and we went to a members house and he has a sword hanging on his wall with a masonic symbol on it and I was like, are you a mason? And he told us he was and started telling us about masonry and said he is going to get us a tour of the mason lodge, I have learned a lot about masonry here on my mission just from all the books I have read so I really hope we get to have a tour of the mason lodge soon! This last week was pretty boring though, I cant think of a whole lot to tell you.. I imagine I will be in this area for a couple more weeks then on like the 18th we have changes and I am pretty sure I will be getting shipped out of this area. But Thanks so much for all the pics you sent to me Kimbo... I LOVE receiving pictures and seeing what’s going on!! I hope you have a great week though, I love you!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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