Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Hey Mommy how are you doing? What have you guys been up to this last week? That is good to hear that you guys got together with Kevin and Marie’s family, and also Todd and all them, how are they all doing? That is cool about the Payson temple, when is it going to open? It looks like it is a really cool looking temple, I am excited to be able to go there when I get home!! I wish I could go to the temple here. I have learned so much here on my mission and I am excited to go to the temple because I will understand everything a lot better now. That is something I have come to learn to love here on my mission, I love deeper doctrine and just learning about things that are going to happen and that happened back when we were up in heaven with our heavenly father! That is crazy to hear about Morgan!! The Beast is going to end up being a model! You will have to keep me updated with that! That would be crazy if she was modeling for Louis Vuitton!!! I am not really sure what I am going to do for my Bday on Saturday, I know I am going to get PLENTY of food from the members, we already have 3 set meal appointments with members and they are all getting me a cake and having a party for me! haha so I am sure I am going to get plenty of cake and way too much food! The members here are great and my comp and I have gotten really close to a lot of them because we have been here for so long. Yesterday a family we started working with in January finally got baptized! It is a family that goes to the English ward so with the changes we had to give them to the English elders, but we have still gone by to teach them quite a bit and they ended up getting baptized. The mom is a member, just a less active member, but her kids hadn’t ever been baptized and there have been so many missionaries work with them and try to baptized them and finally we got to baptize them yesterday. The mom is the niece of Karl Malone, like that is legit, she first knew who the missionaries were from when she was staying with uncle Karl up in Utah when he was playing because the missionaries used to come teach him when she was staying with him. Now she is a single mom with 6 little kids. One of them is deaf also, so I did the baptismal interview with her on her I-pad and it was a really cool experience. 4 of them got baptized and I got asked to baptize 2 of them, my comp baptized one of them and one of the other elders that we gave them to baptized the last one. I will send you pics next week of them all. We also had 2 other baptisms in the ward we work in also, one on Saturday night and another on Sunday, so I have been doing tons of baptismal interviews which are always really cool experiences! Other than that there wasn’t a whole lot that happened this last week! We are always super busy with all the area we cover now, which is a good thing though. Sorry it is kind of a boring email, it will be better next week! Have a great week mommy, I love you!!
Love, Tu hijo

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