Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015

Elder Johnson turned 20 and WOW-he got spoiled!!!

Well I though it would be best if I just sent out an email about my birthday and all the crazy stuff. So, Saturday morning I woke up to my companion jumping on my bed singing happy birthday to me, then he made me orange rolls because I have told him before how much I love them.. Then he gave me a Despicable Me shirt that he bought for me and a tie, then I opened the package from the fam and it was great! It was really good to get new English scripts because the only English scripts I have are the ones I got when I was 8 yrs old and had tons of random markings in them but now I will be able to do what I want with them so I can find everything! Then just had a pretty normal morning with the studies then went out to work like usual and found a pretty cool lady and first went to a members house and they made us lunch, but you won’t believe what they fed us.. it was armadillo! But not just any armadillo, but an armadillo that they found on the side of the freeway!! It was a freakin road kill! She didn’t tell us anything, but after we got done eating I asked her, so what was that? And that is when she told us the story of how they got it... We are still alive I guess! But then we set a baptismal date with a different lady, then we went over to the fiesta that the members here threw for me. It was amazing seeing how much they did for it even though they have a hard time paying for the little tiny camp trailer that they all live in each month. There were like 5 or 6 families there at the party and we had hamburgesas mexicanas y salchichas. Then we played soccer there in the dirt field, then I opened the presents the gave me and got cologne and socks and belts and stuff like that, then we did cake, they bought like 3 cakes and did what they call a "mordida" which is when they slam your head in the cake so I did that and then we did the pinata that was a big baseball. My comp was standing on top of their trailer and the dad of one of the families was standing on top of their car and that is how they hung up the pinata, I will send pics.. I hit it first blind folded and they were swinging the pinata so hard and it just kept smashing me, then all the little kids hit it till it broke. It was definitely a Mexican party and it was so much fun doing all of that with the members here. The cool thing is, that pretty much all the families that came have been baptized in the last year!! The members here are super amazing and I am so grateful for the time I have been here to make such good relationships with them. Then after that, another family had a party for me and we had what’s called a "carne" which is just a bunch of meat basically and they had a cake for me also! Then last night another family had a party for me and had a cake for me too!! Then another family brought us a cake for my birthday last night also! We have soooo much food and cake in our apartment right now.. it is crazy!! It was a great birthday though, I am so glad I got to spend it here in the area I am in! But that was basically my day on Saturday!!

















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