Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Hey Kimbo What’s going on up there in ol Spanish Fork? What’s new? That is a super sad story about that lady that crashed and fell into the river.. I can’t imagine seeing that as a police officer. It's good to hear that the little girl that got rescued is doing alright though, I hope she doesn’t have any problems and that turns out well. I am jealous of Brock’s jersey, those are like the throwback unis!! Will he get to keep that jersey or will he have to give it back? How has he been playing in his games and practice so far? Keep me updated with that little guy! I remember the very first time the boys went down to watch Sunshine, just us and the Olson’s. That was like 9 years ago I believe, or longer!! What is the tourney that the high school team is doing this year? Will Brock be playing at all down there? That is good to hear Brock enjoyed his game, I know who Nate Binks is and he seems like a really good kid. So it sounds like Ty and his girl are getting somewhat serious.. What do you think? I haven’t heard anything from him for like a month or so. Send me a pic of her when you can... I need to see if I approve of her:) How long is he going to be down there with TJ? Well this last week has been a bit crazy but it has been really good... I feel like since I grew up with only boys in the family that I got put with only sisters in my district to learn how to deal with them! I swear their problems never end... EVER!! I fix a problem, then everything will be great for a couple days, then boom another big problem.. Things are going good, just I feel like there is something always going on with at least one sister. The sisters I have in my district are great and I am definitely learning a ton from them.. Like how to deal with girls!;) Josefina, the 86 yr old lady we are teaching didn’t get baptized this last week because she has family coming down today so we are have the baptism tonight at 5, we are super excited to have this baptism! She is so old but she is the cutest little Mexican grandma! We will have 4 elders in the font to help put her under the water and I am just praying it goes well the first time because she is already super scared of the water and I feel like if it doesn’t work the first time, that she is just going to say nope I am done and not let it happen again so everything needs to go great the first time!! I will send some pics of her next week!! This last week I can’t even remember what happened, things are just going by so fast right now and if I am not out working, the second I get home I am usually on the phone with sisters trying to work with them/fix their problems but I am loving everything and I am learning so much. I love my mission and everything that I am learning. I am just worried this last half of it is going to go by to fast so I am trying to somehow slow everything down but it just doesn’t seem to work. I will send some pics because I honestly cant remember what even happened this last week. But thank you so much for everything mommy!! I know I wouldn’t be here where I am without you and without the strong testimony you have always had. I know I wouldn’t have kept going to church and kept on the right track without you pushing me and helping me! I love you and I am so thankful for you and Dad. I don’t think I realized how great of a family I truly had before the mission but now that I look back, I had the best parents a kid could ask for and I love our family. I hope you have a great week mommy!
Love, Elder Johnson









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