Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 16, 2015

Hey Kimbo!
What are you up to today? How was the trip down to St G? Sounds like it wasn’t really the same as usual, at least with how the games turned out and what not! That’s too bad, hopefully they still have a decent year!! What did Brock do the whole time? Just hang out with all his chicks and go to Fiesta Fun? Sounds like he learned from the great one with the ladies:) I can’t believe we now have a Walmart in SF... That place seems like it is getting huge, Mark Larsen was telling me of some of the things that have come in and I couldn’t believe it! I don’t want SF to get big! Speaking of exercise, this morning I got to go the gym, like Golds gym, and I got pretty swoll. One of my zone leaders is close to going home and President lets missionaries that play sports start going to the gym when they have a few months left in the mission so I went with him today at 4:45! It was super early but we went super hard for a couple hours and it was great! I will probably get to go with him like once a week so that is something to look forward to when I get closer to the end of my mission, I am going to come back all buff:) So I definitely think that I have been put here with all these sisters in my district for many reasons because I have learned many things about how to deal with women.. one thing that I have learned and relearned is that women are absolutely impossible to understand!!! Things will seem like they are going great then boom one calls me crying, or one is upset about something, or one is having problems with her comp... I am definitely learning patience! No but for reals, I am learning a ton and I know I have been put here to learn many things! So I am just trying to look at the things I am learning instead of strangling the sisters! This last week we baptized cute little Josefina, she is 86 and so sweet. All 4 of us were in the font to baptize her and she was so worried about getting in the water because she is sooo scared of water and has never gone fully under water before in her life! Me and another missionary had her by her arms to walk her to the font, then we got to the water and she hurried and wanted to sit down so we put her down and she started saying "me van a soltar! Me van a soltar!" which means, you are going to drop me! And she started getting all worried and didn’t want to get in the water, so I just crouched down and said "hermana no se preocupe porque tenemos musculos!" which means "sister don’t worry because we have muscles!" and she just started laughing and got up and was a trooper from then on out and we dunked her. It was a really neat experience! We have another baptism of a little 9 yr old boy coming up this next Sunday too so we are excited for him also, we always play soccer with him and his brothers and sisters by his house then have lessons after and is really excited to be baptized! Things are going good here and I just cant believe how fast time is going! I feel like I haven’t been here very long but I have already been here in this area for over 4 months! I have no idea what is going to happen this next transfer so we will see what happens! Oh and with the scripts, I am thinking having them separate, because I already have a quad here with me if I need one. Thank you so much mommy!! I hope you have a great week, I love you!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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