Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hey Kimbo Timbo,
How are thing going up there? That is super good to hear about Gus Gus, I am excited for him and I am glad he is going. Jeezo you guys are playin on Sundays?? What is this? haha How did Brock like this last year of baseball? I hope he had fun with it, I remember the last year of the RedSox, that was a sad year!! Why aren't they doing a freshman summer ball league? Is Brock going to play with a different team or what is the plan there? Yeah, I can tell summer is definitely here now, the last few days here it has been well over 100 and we rode our bikes all day the other day and it was 108, so we were pretty much drenched in sweat all day with riding in the heat and with the humidity. The work has been going alright, we had two baptisms this last week in our district and one of them happened because of me and Elder Shumway but the guy isn't in our area.  He is in the other elders area that we live with and are in our district. So we basically made the baptism happen but it wasn't our baptism.  We worked with the guy a lot and he just got off probation so he could be baptized,  so we didn't work much in our area this last week.  Also because we went and helped out the other two elders in our district with a guy they baptized yesterday.  They met that guy a week ago and he is a lawyer down here.  He studied religion in college too and he found the elders at the gas station and said he has wanted to join our church for so long. He already knew so much about the church just from studying it and said he knew this is the only true church after studying it through college.  He was awesome and throughout the whole week he kept telling us how excited he was to be baptized and cant wait to go to the temple, and is excited to see what his calling is.  He was an addict though and a lot of his clients paid him that way to be his lawyer but he said he changed his phone number and is going to have nothing to do with them anymore. So he was a pretty awesome miracle, and changed his life so fast. Me and Elder Shumway should have a couple baptisms here in the next couple weeks. Hopefully before transfers because they are in two weeks. I hope we stay together for at least one more transfer because me and him just get along like best friends here and we work really well together. Him and the zone leaders sat me down the other day and told me that they think I will be a senior comp really soon and will start training really early in my mission because of how I work and with how I have been doing.  Which that means I would be an early leader because usually after you train here is when you go to district leader. Anyways things are going well here. That is crazy about spending that much money on a pageant.. man I hope I don't have any girls that want to do that in the future! That sounds like a fun group Ty is hanging out with. Has he been talking to any specific girl or just everybody still? Well I hope you are having a good day Bo, I hope you got my letter this week also that I sent out. Have a good day doing laundry, I really need to do mine also. I love you Kimber!
Love, Elder Johnson

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