Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Apparently, this is what a real tie collection looks like!!

Hey Kimbo,
How is everything going at home? Did dad get a hot tub or not? You said at one time he was looking for one.  The octopus that I ate last week wasn’t too bad! It was super chewy and it wouldn’t ever go away in your mouth so I just basically ended up swallowing it whole but it didn’t taste too bad! How was Father’s Day yesterday? What does dad want when he takes that U boat back? Jeez it is crazy that everybody is heading out on missions! Since I have left I have been shocked at how many people are actually deciding to go. Baby Brockles is turning into a big baby now! I can’t believe he is as tall as you already! He has already grown a lot since I have left. Bout time he hit puberty. That is weird to me about the Crushers. The Red Sox were just different I feel like, we were somewhat the same team from the time we started till we ended though and we all just grew really close. When we would go on trips all of the families would come, and we all just came to be super good friends. That is something the Crushers lacked. I am jealous you guys are going camping. There is not even the slightest bump of a hill down here that looks like a mountain. That was honestly one of my favorite things of the year, was going camping with the fam. I am so glad you guys are taking G ma, she will absolutely love going up there with you guys. I just hope she doesn’t fall down and go boom though! That is too bad about Patriarch Lewis, I will definitely keep him in my prayers. I hope all goes well with him. Kimbo, I am glad you got it out about the deck, but have patience Kimbo! As long as it is done by the time I get home is all that matters :) Well transfers came out yesterday morning....:( Elder Shumway is leaving me. We will find out later today where he is going and then in the morning we meet at the mission office and I will get my new companion.  I am bummed that Shumway is leaving but we will always be really good friends. I am a little nervous to find out who my next comp will be, but whoever it is I am sure I will figure out a way to get along with him.  This transfer we are getting tons of sister missionaries.. Kill me now!! And there isn’t a single Elder Coming in this transfer. So a lot of the areas will be turning into sister missionary areas, and they always stick sisters in nice areas. There are some very wealthy areas down here that I was hoping to get to go to sometime because the missionaries get absolutely spoiled in those areas. Last Christmas a family gave the missionaries IPad’s. But with all the sisters coming in that means the Elders will usually be in the ghetto, or out in the brush like I am right now. We were supposed to baptize a 12 year old boy yesterday but he only came to church for a little bit and the Bishop is a jew down here and said we couldn’t baptize him even though he doesn’t have the keys at all to stop the baptism, because the Mission president holds the keys for all convert baptisms, but we wanted to keep the bishop happy with us so we moved it to next week. So I should have my first baptism next week which should be awesome. Elder Mulitalo who is one of my Zone leaders and is absolutely huge and will be playing football for BYU here in a couple months because he is one his last transfer now, came and worked with me and Shumway last week and we were eating at a members house and Mulitalo wasn’t feeling too good before, but when we were eating they told us to go look at something in a different room and  he kept telling me under his breath to just go look at it now so that he doesn’t have to go, and I kept saying no come with me, but they don’t speak English so they had no idea what we were saying, but then he said if I get up right now I am going to freakin poop my pants so go right now without me, and Shumway and I started laughing so hard! It was pretty funny. Him and Elder Lee are my Zone leaders and Lee is from Idaho and likes to hunt, and has already invited me to come up and stay with him and go hunting out on his land and on the land around him. He will most likely be playing football for BYU or Utah when he gets back. My three leaders will all be playing college football when they get home and are the only 3 elders playing college sports after here in the mission. So us 4 are super good friends and we are sad Elder Shumway is leaving us. Anyways Sorry you didn’t get a letter from me this week, I didn’t have anytime to write last week so I will try to send one out today. Oh yeah, whenever you send the next package, it doesn’t have to be now, but whenever you do will you send me a backpack too. Just a medium sized backpack, like we have those Burton ones at home or if we have something just a little bit bigger would be great. I will use the murse I have for working still but I need another small pack for when I go on exchanges and just to pack stuff around with me. No hurry though, just when you send something in the future it would be great if you could throw that in there. Well Kimbo I hope you have a great week,
Te amo mucho.
Love, Elder Johnson



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