Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 9, 2014

Elder Shumway burnt his shirt this last week because he hit his year mark! 
I also ate octopus this last week! It was... interesting!!  

Hey Kimbo!! Yeah it has been a hot one down here in Texas, where we are it actually hit 104 the other day! We ride some days and we drive some days, we only have so many miles we can use so we have to ride bikes too! Thanks so much for the letters, I will write you guys today so you should be getting a letter from me later this week. It was good having Mark  come to the baptism we had, he videoed the hymns we sang, did he show you those? Yeah, he was pretty amazed with the ties we have:)That is funny about having to say the prayer, same thing kinda happened to me the other day at church but it was to teach the gospel principals class. I was with Elder Wasden and I taught it because the teacher didn’t show up like usual. It went well and I was able to say most everything I wanted in the Spanish I have learned so far! Have Chase buy whatever it is you get for Dad so that you can use his discount. He still writes me every single week and has never missed a week since I got here. What have you heard about the trip to Cali with all of them? Nae sent me some pics, it looks like they had a good time. I think me and Shumway will be staying together one more!! We are hoping at least, and it sounds like we might be staying together. I will give him your number for sure, he says he wants to come visit you guys when he gets home.  Things here are going well, yesterday during the first our of church we went and did a round up of all the people who were at church, because it is different here, sacrament is the last hour so that they have a better attendance.  We went to one home where they always tell us they go down to Mexico on Sundays, but when we got there, they were just sitting there on the couch and we caught them super off guard. Their son that is 17 who doesn’t have a license goes to church alone every week and is awesome, but his family is just sooo lazy and stays home. We talked to them and they said they would come later but of course they didn’t show up. Then we went to another lady who is less active that is a recent convert, and she always seems to have an excuse of why she cant come. Well her excuse was valid this week and that was because her tire was flat so she couldn’t drive, so we said we will be back and we went back to the apartment got our bike pump, and went back and pumped it up for her and said okay we will see you there in a few minutes then:) She came and we are hoping to baptize one of her sons that is 12 this next week. On our way back to the church from her house though we were driving and we had seen some border patrol trucks parked along the road then as we kept going there were border patrol trucks everywhere up this little road, and then we look up and hovering right above the trees next to us is the border patrol helicopter and there are border patrol guys with a bunch of Mexicans and the helicopter was following the group of guys through the trees and they were catching so many people that just crossed the border!! AND I DIDN’T HAVE MY CAMERA!!! I was so mad... we stopped and I thought it might be in my bag in the back and it wasn’t there either so we just watched for a few minutes then left, but I wish I could have gotten it all on my camera, it was like something you see on the show Border Wars. It was pretty cool to see it all since we were like 10 yards away from it all. Anyways, that’s just a little that has been going on here, I hope you have a great week Kimbo. Thanks so much for the letters and emails, I love hearing from my mommy.
Love, tu hijo mas guapo (your more handsome son)

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