Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015

Okay, well sorry I didn’t email yesterday, and sorry that you aren’t going to get much of an email from me today either. Yesterday was pretty crazy let’s say. It was the last P day of the transfer so we had a bunch of things planned here in Brownsville, then on top of that in the middle of the day I received a call from the mission president letting me know that I had been called to be the new Assistant to the President for the mission. That was a pretty big curve ball but I am super excited! I have to leave to be in McAllen by 8 am, and I have a meeting with President, then at 9:30 is when transfers happen so tons of the missionaries will be at the mission office, and it will be announced there that I am the new AP and then I have to drive the giant transfer van, pulling a huge trailer up to Corpus full of missionaries and then drive back down to McAllen to meet up with my new companion again to go to Presidents house with all the missionaries going home. So, I will be taking off to Corpus by 11:00 hopefully and there is a meeting with the going home missionaries and Pres at 5:00 and the goal is for me to be back for that and it takes exactly 6 hours to drive to Corpus and back so it should be a crazy day! Then we will deal with the dead missionaries and they have a little party at presidents house then we will get home close to midnight tonight, and we take them to the airport with President first thing tomorrow morning! I am basically just going to kiss sleep out the window! haha Right now I am running on just a few hours since I had to pack and do a bunch of stuff last night then the next few days are insane, but I am super excited! Sorry I can’t write everyone individually but I will now have P days either Saturday or Monday just based on our schedule but I will write you guys better then! Im sorry, I love you all!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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