Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015

Hi Kimbo how are you doing?? Sounds like Mexico was a blast!! Did you and dad both enjoy it?? I am glad you got to feel the weather down there, I don’t know if here it is quite as hot as down there, but the humidity and heat is pretty dang close I believe!! I am pretty worried about coming back in January because I am going to FREEZE when I get home! Guess I will just have to extend till June..;) How was snorkeling?? Like did you find anything cool or did you just swim around in circles?:) I hope dad didn’t put on too much weight.. being that it was all you could eat all the time! How did you like el agua de sandilla?? What did you guys like better, the cruise or where you went this last week?? Because we have got to have a fun family trip when we all get back home again! That is good to hear that Kira got baptized, I cant believe that she is already 8 yrs old!! What has Colt been up to lately?? Things here are still going super great, I am really enjoy being with my companion, but I am pretty sure it will be impossible for us to stay together. Because right now I am the Sr comp and he is Jr comp, but he is a super great missionary and will be bumped up this transfer for sure and go be a Sr ZL somewhere else so I don’t think there is any chance of us staying together to be honest, but we will have to see what happens! We can always pray for it! haha This is the last week of the transfer so it should be interesting to see what happens!! This last week we didn’t really have anything crazy happen to us, but we had a lot of success in the zone which made us super happy. Right now we have 26 missionaries in the zone and we have seen them all change so much which has been super cool to see and they are all seeing a ton of success! This next week we should be baptizing close to 10 people which should be a lot of fun! Each Sunday is so crazy and so exhausting but I really love it a lot! Last night when I got off the phone with one of the district leaders in our zone I found my comp asleep with his suit on his bed. I tried waking him up and I threw things at him to try to get him to change but he just kept falling asleep so I just left him like that and at 3am he woke up and changed out of his suit I guess! haha We are working hard down here on the border and it has just been a lot of fun!! Sorry I don’t have anything crazy to tell you guys, but things here are going great still! I hope you have a wonderful week!! Oh and could you send me maybe like 3 new short sleeve white shirts please?? All of mine are getting hammered and starting to look pretty bad and it is hard to find them anywhere down here so I would appreciate it if you could send me those!! My neck size is a 15 1/2. But I hope you have a fun week catchin up on things mommy, I love you!!

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