Saturday, January 9, 2016

January 9, 2016

Well here is a little of what happened this last week, sorry, but to be honest I just have no drive to write emails since I am going to see y’all soon! I am starting to go a little crazy here, because it hasn't hit me the slightest bit that I am going home.. but at the same time I know that I will be home in two weeks so it is kinda weird! This whole last week we had a meeting starting at 8 am till 6pm every single day. President is doing interviews with all the missionaries so we travel around and while he pulls each missionary into an interview, me and my comp give training for like 10 hrs! It is super fun but very tiring! We did that every day this week and we will be doing it again every day this upcoming week but we will be traveling to Laredo and Corpus this next week! Last night after the meeting, we went to get a few things done in our area, but when we pulled up to our appointment, we both fell asleep before we could leave the truck, and we ended up sleeping for 45 min!! Then we pulled up to the next and the same thing happened again! So we just hurried and visited a couple people then went home because we honestly couldn’t keep our eyes open and I was struggling keeping my eyes open while driving so we went home and we ended up falling asleep for like an hour in the truck in our driveway of our house!! haha It was quite the struggle!! We are going to keep going hard though!! I want to get as much as I possibly can done before I go home! Things here are going great, crazy week coming up too!! We will be in Laredo Mon, Tues. then on Wed we will be in Harlingen then on Thursday in Sinton (next to Corpus) then Friday we will be in Corpus Christi! Then after all that flies by, I will be on the last week!! I honestly can’t believe it.. But I am just going to enjoy the ride!! I hope you guys have a great week! I love you!

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