Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 26, 2016

Elder Johnson comes home tomorrow.  His letters have gotten a lot shorter as he is super busy finishing things up in the mission.  We are so excited to see him tomorrow at 4:54 pm!! We love him so much and are so proud of him for his service to the Lord and the people in the Texas McAllen Mission.  He has love every minute of serving over the last two years. He has come to love many people in Texas and it will be hard for him to leave them.  Heavenly Father is so proud of him and I know he will bless him for being a faithful servant.  Thank you to everyone who loved Elder Johnson and fed him and celebrated his birthdays and Christmas's and listened to the message he had to teach.  We love you and will be forever grateful for everything you have done for our son. 

Here are a few pictures of some "good bye's" over the last few days:

This beautiful scarf is a gift from Bely.  She and her family were so good to Elder Johnson.  Below are the scriptures Elder Johnson received for his own baptism.  He gave them to a very special girl named Allison before he came home.

The last email:
What??? NO... The ladies don’t like little beat up Toyota Corollas! Hey just so you know, on Friday night I have a date. Manny Lattanzio, one of my companions last transfer set up a date for me because he knew that it was something President commits us to do so he set it up for me I guess. I am going to be going with him and Boyer (my comp in Brownsville) and also Cruz so three of my old companions and I will all be going on a group date. 
So, Monday we will have dinner at Pres house, then also Tuesday morning we will eat breakfast there with the Greenies both times, then Tues night we will eat with all those that go home and again we will eat breakfast there on Wed morning before going to the airport. 

Well yeah I am going to follow his advice!! His advice is actually 2, but I am going to count our date as one of them:) Pres is by far the most intelligent man I have ever met and I am going to follow all of his counsel, I just had my exit interview with him and he went over some things in my Patriarchal Blessing and he talked to me a lot about how the Lord has very high expectations for me, so I have to find a wife that has the same expectations also so that I stay at a high level. So he said to do that, I am going to have to go on lots of different dates with lots of girls to be able to find the one. :/ What do you think about that?

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