Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

So I don’t think I ever explained this very well, but this last transfer I got a new companion, Elder Lattanzio and he comes with me when I travel around to other zones and work with the zone leaders, but at the same time I still have elder Cruz as my companion and we still travel together but now when us 3 travel together.  They will drop me off places to work with zone leaders for a couple days then they will come pick me up. So it is a little confusing but I have two different companions. One from Mexico and the other from Argentina, they both have lived here in the US for a while now though so they both speak English fine. But here is just a picture of us in front of our ranch;)

This was a pretty cool story that happen a little bit ago, this kid is a kid that Elder Cruz and I both taught in Brownsville and we went back there not to long ago. Elder Cruz did a baptismal interview with him and he finally said yes to being baptized! So last Sunday we drove back down to Brownsville and my comp baptized him which was super cool! I taught this kid when I was with Elder Boyer a couple transfers ago and Boyer is still down there so it was super cool to get to go back down there and see this kid get baptized after having us three teach him for so long!

Sister Bely teaching the Elders to make cheesecake!!

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