Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December 14, 2015

Well we just got out of a long meeting with President to finish up the transfers. We have pretty much everything and everyone figured out so far, the group that goes home Wednesday is the biggest group ever to go home and we are getting one of the largest groups ever of new missionaries so it will be interesting! There are tons of changes, and I also know who my new companion will be and he is great. He still doesn’t know, we are actually the only ones that know but he is wonderful. I am super excited to have him as a companion. Today we have to go run errands and make sure the transfer van, and our two trucks are super clean and ready to go pick up the new missionaries at 3. Pres is super big on presentation, so when we ever pick up a new missionary, everything has to be perfect. So we will pick up the greenies, then we bring them back here to the offices and we do like 3 different trainings with them then at like 6 we go to presidents house to eat dinner with all the greenies and president and his family. Then I will be making the rounds in the transfer van to drop off 13 different sisters because we have to spread them out with a bunch of different sisters here close by because they don’t go to their area till the next day when transfers happen. So they will spend the night with some other sister missionaries here then in the morning before they go to their areas, we have breakfast at presidents house so first things tomorrow morning I will be making the rounds again to pick them all up.  (Elder Cruz says hi) Then after the transfer meeting I will have the 27 dead missionaries with me that go home Wednesday morning. They have some meetings till 5 then we go and eat dinner at presidents house and then they have a dead party Tuesday night which is a lot of fun. Then Wednesday morning they have breakfast at pres house then I drop them all off at the airport! Crazy next few days.. Also I got to go to the temple Saturday which was super cool:) I will tell you more about that when I have time, but I have to go now, I love you!!

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